About me

I graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Artin 2009,
having undertaken their four term props course. I have since worked on a few of swedish productions including Spamalot at Nöjesteatern.

Prior to RADA I worked several years in theatre and have been making props for the past 5 years.
I have moved from making the odd prop in low-key productions to making more and more difficult ones, and the time at RADA has improved and widened my skills even further. From sign painting to furniture building, from polystyrene carving to welding.

I was born into an artist family and have always been encouraged to be creative and use the imagination. During the school years, up to the Swedish version of college, I honed in on the technical side of things and took courses in building construction, c++ programing and engineering. Taking this further I worked a few years in theatre-lighting doing everything from rigging to designing and this is a great aid when it comes to making sure the props look just right under the lights. I also posses a good knowledge of computers and this is a great help when it come to so called paper props.

Im currently based in the south of Sweden but i undertake work
in all of Scandinavia and the UK.