‘Woyzeck’, GBS

Director: Keziah Serreau
Designer: Bob Bailey
LX-designer: Andrew Grange
Show-role: Props supervisor

Comment; Vines made from paper-rope and latex with store-bought leaves. Table modified to size and added drawer.

‘The Country’, GBS

Director: Geoff Bullen
Designer: Trudi Molloy
LX-designer: Tom Lightbody
Show-role: Prop maker

Comment;  Table built from scratch including turned legs and painted with wood effect. Chairs modified.

‘Come back to the five and dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean!’, GBS

Director: Dee Cannon
Designer: Piera Lizzeri
LX-designer: Joshua Carr
Show-role: Props supervisor

Comment; Stool tops made from plywood and upholstery materials. Diner seating converted from two separate pieces into corner seat and diner-chairs reupholstered. Tables made from wood with metal bases. Dime store counters made from plywood. Doughnuts and lollipop stand also made by Lo Wipp.